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Author and Advocate

Victoria Jaycox is an activist on behalf of women's issues such as the status of older women, health care, pensions, criminal victimization, abuse, and death with dignity. She began her career managing federally funded intitiatives focused on these vital topics, then served as executive director of the national OWL (Older Women's League), speaking out, writing, and testifying before Congress on behalf of OWL's members.

In 1991, Victoria began writing full-time on a freelance basis. She published travel articles and op-ed articles in The Washington Post, as well as articles on women and women's issues in Washington, DC magazines. In 1999, W.W. Norton published her first book: SINGLE AGAIN: A Guide for Women Starting Over.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wellesley College, Victoria is married and lives in Washington, DC. She is the proud mother of two daughters and four granddaughters.

SINGLE AGAIN: A Guide for Women Starting Over was written by Victoria Jaycox for the more than 30 percent of women--some 19 million--over the age of 35 who are widowed or divorced. This book gathers together the pragmatic and collective wisdom of both experts and those who have lived through the life-altering experience of becoming "single again." In chapters such as "facing the chasm," coping with stress," "dealing with lawyers," "financial expertise," "getting a job," and "pursue your passion," Jaycox shows how widows and divorcees have created order and sense out of turmoil. By their example, they show that starting over can bring women closer to living out the true selves that, deep down, they had only imagined.